the led era

Developing innovating LED displays for Bahrain
and the Middle East. Read more about the
benefits for your business down below.


Selecting the most appropriote locations, both physical and online is our most primal focus when looking at our clients business’.

digital solutions

• Indoor LED, Outdoor LED

• Custom LED

• LED Controller

• Transparent LED

• Digital Kiosk (indoor & outdoor)

social media

Integration is part of our social media management, hollistically merging all channels with an appropriot theme and identity.

website developement

We seek to fully create a website for our clients or help modify an existing website they have.

Integrating forums, rating systems as well an ecommerce platform. Providing 24/7 support and monthly updates whenever needed.


Bconnected recognizes the saturated market for all industries. Through simple & unique methods, we are able to enhance your SEO and create better recognition for your business.

media Solutions

• Web Design

• Branding & Logo design

• Social Media Design

• Photography

• eNewsletter Design

• Advertisement Design

• Business Card Design

• Outdoor Ads Cladding Works

our expertise


A smart marketing approach is more important to us than a costly one. Wether it be outdoors, indoors or on social media, we take into account the campaigns themselves and evaluating where the customer base is to best reach them.

studying the market

Through data analytics we provide a report for the best locations to install LED screens for the greatest market presence and brand recognition.

led screen installation

Innovative LED screen installations.

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